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The new plant was especially designed to cover the needs of a modern dyeing unit and allow future investment and expansion.

The Dyeing Unit is equipped with fully automatic latest technology machinery (overflows, jiggers, beams), operated through electronic means in order to achieve high precision colour repeatability.

The equipment used in the Finishing Unit allows us to include in the production the processes mentioned below and this way develop a final product of high standards and high added value.

  • Fill Coupe (Shearing)
  • Fixation Elastan/Lycra
  • Shrinking (Sanfor)
  • Brushing (Peach Skin Process)
  • Sueding
  • Crushing (woven and knitted)
  • Transfer printing (up to 320m)
  • Decatising
  • Airo Biancalani

The plant is equipped with all the peripheral systems that a modern unit needs to run in order to successfully operate. Our mechanical equipment includes a variety of water demineralisers, boilers, air production units, pump chambers etc.

The quality control, which takes place both during the processing of fabrics and over the final product, aims at the achievement of high quality and the satisfaction of our customers' requirements. Records are kept in order to ensure repeatability and optimisation of the methods of production.

Our company is very sensitive in environmental issues and therefore exclusively uses natural gas as fuel, it has built a complete Biological and Chemical Waste Water unit, as well as a number of heat exchangers so that its gaseous pollutants range far below the limits permitted.

Finally, our company has signed a contract with a company that specialises in the collection and the disposal of all the company's solid waste into sanitary landfills, as specified by the law.


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