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The wide experience of our scientific team has allowed us to process fabrics of all types of yarn, both natural and artificial, as well as admixtures, such as 100% Cotton, 100% Pes, Pes/Cot, Pes/Cot/Lyc, Cot/Lyc, 100% Visc., Pes/Visc/Lyc,Pes/Lyc,Cot/Nyl/Lyc etc.

The Dyeing and Finishing Units are equipped with all sophisticated machinery and systems required in order to successfully deal with all the issues that may arise. Curtains, furnishing fabrics, tablecloths, linings and fabrics for men's and women's items of clothing are some of the types in which our company specialises.

The selection of the dye-stuff (Reactive, Vat, Direct, Dispers, etc.) is based on the specifications set by our customers. Our company can also deliver finished fabrics, such as waterproof, unstained, flame retardant, antigrafity, antibacterial, antifungural, fabrics with permanent Aroma, and generally a variety of chemical processes, human and eco friendly.


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