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The company operates in the field of chemical/technical processing (dyeing-finishing) of woven fabrics.

The company was established in 1997 by the chemist Mr. Ioannis Tsourougiannis. His broad experience and his 42-year presence in the market of fabric dyeing and finishing (both knitted and woven fabrics) resulted in the creation of an exemplary company. In September 2001, Mr. Nikolaos Tsourougiannis, chemical engineer, was integrated into the company's scientific team as a Director of Production, bringing new ideas to the company.

From 1997 up until May 2005 the company was situated at rented facilities in Oenofyta, Viotia. In 2005, after the completion of a big investment plan that concerned the company's relocation and the complete modernisation of its mechanical equipment, the company was moved to new privately-owned facilities in the same area.

Our long-standing experience and our specialised scientific team guarantee that our products bring great added value, complying to the most demanding specifications.


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